Rafting in Ladakh



River rafting is a popular activity, easily arranged from Leh. The Indus and Zanskar rivers, which are the two major rivers in Ladakh region, offer a wide range of rafting options.


Indus River:


One of the best stretches on the Indus river is between Spituk and Nimmu or Saspol, which rates I-III in the international river grading scale of I to VI. Hemis-Choglamsar and Kharu-Spituk stretches are easy ones (grade I-II), they are recommended for beginners. More adventurous people can go for the route from Alchi to Khaltse (grade IV+).


Some other common routes are:


Phey - Nimmu
Kharu - Spituk
Upshi - Kharu
Saspol - Khaltse
Phey - Saspol


Zanskar River:


There are two interesting rafting routes on the Zanskar river. The first one is from Chilling to Nimmu and it is the most popular one in Ladakh with a slightly higher grade of IV+. The second one is from Karsha to Nimmu and it includes 4 days of rafting with grades of III to IV+, passing through exhilarating gorges and wild waves. This rafting trip can also be the opportunity to visit the beautiful Zanskar valley.

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