Dha-Hanu and Indus Valley - cultural tour


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Duration: 3-4 days
Distance: 350 km


The tour follows the Indus valley to the west, going through some of the most beautiful Ladakhi villages and medieval gompas. You will then discover the Dha-Hanu valley and meet the Drokpas, a tribe with a unique culture and identity.




Dha-Hanu & Indus Valley - cultural tour - map





Tour Highlights



Dha-Hanu Valley


Dha-Hanu is the settlement of the Drokpa community. The tribe origin is lost to history, but their features and complexion have led many to presume that the Drokpas are the descendants of invading armies of Alexander the Great. The Drokpas have their own distinct traditions and customs, following the ancient Bon religion which provided the basis for Tibetan Buddhism. The community focuses mainly on growing apricots, grapes and apples. Apricots from this region are renowned for their sweetness and the seeds are used for producing oil. The Drokpas have a unique sense of dressing, especially women wearing ornate head-coverings made from silver, beads and artificial flowers. Dha-Hanu is situated at an altitude of 2700m above sea level, therefore it is warmer than Leh.


Dha-Hanu Village,Dhapa Woman




Indus Valley from Leh to Lamayuru


This tour also includes all the highlights of the Indus valley tour to Lamayuru (Spituk, Phyang, Basgo, Likir, Rizong, Lamayuru).


Indus valley monasteries in Ladakh: Lamayuru, Likir and Spituk




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