Ecotourism and sustainable tourism



Tourism is a major industry in Ladakh but its growth has had a range of impact on society as well as on environment. We, at Ju-Leh Adventure, strive to reduce impacts on the environment and focus on ensuring economic benefits to local communities.




We encourage the tourists to stay in homestays during their trek. This is an effort to stem the region's rural-urban migration and generate income to the rural communities in Ladakh. Since all the households have their own homestay, it ensures that money is equally distributed between the families. So, you could discover the ways of life of the villagers, share meals with the families and learn a few words in Ladakhi.


Education Support


Ju-Leh Adventure uses a part of its profit to provide sponsorship to Ladakhi students for their education. The students we sponsor are studying in the Druk White Lotus School ( and other schools in Leh.


Staff Welfare


We believe that our staff (guides, porters, horsemen) is our biggest asset. We take care of our staff and we pay well. The people in our crew are crucial to your enriching experience on the mountains and an important part of our success. So, instead of offering discounts, we offer satisfaction to customers and workers and make it a memorable journey for both.




We are involved in environmental actions like planting trees and cleanliness campaigns. We go with our staff and horses to the main trekking routes to collect rubbish left by others at the end of every trekking season. We also encourage our customers to reduce waste while travelling.

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