11-day Rumtse to Tso Moriri trek - fixed departures




 770 € per person



The trek from Rumtse to Tso Moriri is one of the most beautiful treks in Ladakh. It takes you through the Changthang region, a high-altitude plateau that has unique landscapes and stunning lakes like Tso Kar and Tso Moriri. This region is home to nomads with their pashmina goats and yaks. It’s an exceptional trek, but demanding because of the crossing of numerous high passes above 5000m.


The trip will start with a 2-day "acclimatization" trek from Zingchen to Stok with one night in a homestay in the charming village of Rumbak. On the third day, you will visit the Buddhist monasteries of the Indus valley and drive to Rumtse.



Rumtse to Tso Moriri trek map




- Trek through the stunning high-altitude landscapes of Changthang, the land of the nomads


- Admire the beauty of Tso Kar and Tso Moriri, the largest lake in the Indian Himalayas


- Challenge yourself by crossing 6 passes over 5000m


- Discover the everyday life of the villagers while staying in homestay in the picturesque village of Rumbak


- Visit the Buddhist monasteries of the Indus valley



11-day Rumtse to Tso Moriri trek, Fixed Departures, Ladakh



Key information


- Trip duration: 11 days (from Leh to Leh) -> 2-day trek + 1-day tour by car + 7-day trek + 1-day drive back to Leh


- Trek difficulty level: difficult


- Maximum group size: 10 persons *


- Highest point: Yalung Nyau La pass at 5435m


- Highest night: Gyamar Barma at 5195m


* all departures are confirmed, the trek will not be cancelled / rescheduled even if less people have booked



11-day Rumtse to Tso Moriri trek, Fixed Departures, Ladakh





2-day trek from Zingchen to Stok


Day 1: Leh to Zingchen by car.
Zingchen (3402m) - Rumbak (3956m)
3-4 hrs, 6.5 km, +555m / -0m  |  Homestay  |  meals: L, D


Day 2: Rumbak (3956m) - Stok La (4855m) - Stok (3604m)
7-8 hrs, 16.5 km, +995m / -1347m
Drive back to Leh.
Hotel in Leh  |  meals: B, L, D


Zingchen to Stok trek elevation profile, altitude gain loss


1-day Indus valley cultural tour by car


Day 3: Visit Shey, Thiksey, Stakna and Hemis monasteries.
Drive to Rumtse.
Camping  |  meals: B, L, D


7-day trek from Rumtse to Tso Moriri


Day 4: Rumtse (4240m) - Kyamar (4538m)
4 hrs, 10.9 km, +298m / -0m  |  Camping  |  meals: B, L, D


Day 5: Kyamar (4538m) - Kyamar La (5071m) - Mandalchan La (5206m) - Tisaling (4940m)
6-7 hrs, 13.5 km, +786m / -384m  |  Camping  |  meals: B, L, D


Day 6: Tisaling (4940m) - Shibuk La (5275m) - Ponganagu (4651m)
6 hrs, 14.3 km, +377m / -666m  |  Camping  |  meals: B, L, D


Day 7: Ponganagu (4651m) - Nuruchan (4679m)
5-6 hrs, 17.8 km, +173m / -145m  |  Camping  |  meals: B, L, D


Day 8: Nuruchan (4679m) - Kyamayuri La (5416m) - Gyamar Barma (5195m)
7-8 hrs, 19.3 km, +855m / -339m  |  Camping  |  meals: B, L, D


Day 9: Gyamar Barma (5195m) - Kartse La (5384m) - Gyamar (5157m)
3 hrs, 5.7 km, +213m / -251m  |  Camping  |  meals: B, L, D


Day 10: Gyamar (5157m) - Yalung Nyau La (5435m) - Korzok (4552m)
5-6 hrs, 16.3 km, +300m / -905m  |  Camping  |  meals: B, L, D


1-day drive back to Leh


Day 11: In the morning, visit Korzok monastery and spend time at Tso Moriri lake.
Drive back to Leh.
meals: B, L


Note: the number of walking hours stated includes lunch and photo stops and will vary depending on the pace of your group.


Rumtse to Tso Moriri trek elevation profile, altitude gain loss



What's included


- Camping equipment (tent, mattresses, kitchen tent, etc., except sleeping bags) for 8 nights


- Homestay in Rumbak for 1 night


- Hotel in Leh for 1 night


- Meals (vegetarian): 10 breakfasts, 10 packed lunches, 1 lunch in a local restaurant and 10 dinners prepared by the accompanying cook, the homestay or the hotel


- Experienced Ladakhi guide (English speaking) supported by assistant guides as the group size dictates


- Horses / porters for the transportation of the luggage for both the treks, 1 bag of maximum 13 kg per person


- Transportation by car from Leh to Zingchen, from Stok to Leh, from Leh to Rumtse and from Korzok to Leh


- Wildlife fee and entrance tickets to monasteries (Shey, Thiksey, Stakna, Hemis and Korzok)


- Inner Line Permit for Tso Moriri



What's not included


- Travel insurance


- Hotel and meals in Leh before and after the 11-day trip


- Flights


- Sleeping bag and walking sticks


- Any deviation from the itinerary



Single supplement (optional)


- Our prices are on twin-sharing basis which means that if you book on your own, we will arrange for you to share the tent and the room with a person of the same gender.


- An optional single supplement of Rs.6,400 is available for those who wish to have a single tent during the trek and a single room in Leh. Single room is not available at the homestay in Rumbak. You can opt for the single supplement after you book by contacting us.



11-day Rumtse to Tso Moriri trek, Fixed Departures, Ladakh





Trekking dates


30-June-2019 to 10-July-2019 (AVAILABLE)


14-July-2019 to 24-July-2019 (2 PLACES LEFT)


23-July-2019 to 02-August-2019 (AVAILABLE)


03-August-2019 to 13-August-2019 (AVAILABLE)


15-August-2019 to 25-August-2019 (AVAILABLE)


27-August-2019 to 06-September-2019 (AVAILABLE)

Number of persons *






* maximum 3 persons or the number of places left. If you are a group of 4 persons or more contact us directly by email.





Note: you should spend 3 days at 3500m for altitude acclimatization before starting the trek.

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