Tso Moriri to Kibber trek

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Duration: 7 days
Difficulty: level 3
Distance: 99 km
Max elevation: 5578m
Elevation gain / loss: +1762m / -2209m


This trek follows an ancient trade route between Ladakh and the Lahaul-Spiti district. Despite the high altitude (always above 4500m), this trek is relatively easy and the view from the Parang La (5578m) is fantastic.




Tso Moriri lake to Kibber trek map



Tso Moriri lake to Kibber trek elevation profile, altitude gain loss



Tso Moriri lake to Kibber trek in Ladakh






Day 1: Korzok - Kyangdam


Time: 6-7 hrs
Distance: 21.6 km
Elevation gain / loss: +25m / -48m


- follow the trail along the shore of Tso Moriri lake towards the south. There are good views of the Mentok Range (6250m), Chamser Kangri (6620m) and Lungser Kangri (6666m)



Korzok - Kyangdam



Day 2: Kyangdam - Nurboo Sumdo


Time: 4-5 hrs
Distance: 14.9 km
Elevation gain / loss: +97m / -96m


- once you leave Kyangdam, walk towards the river valley of Parang Chu



Kyangdam - Nurboo Sumdo



Day 3: Nurboo Sumdo - Getpa Buzak


Time: 4-5 hrs
Distance: 15.8 km
Elevation gain / loss: +102m / -0m


- the trail follows the river to Getpa Buzak



Nurboo Sumdo - Getpa Buzak



Day 4: Getpa Buzak - Tharang Yokma


Time: 4-5 hrs
Distance: 12.2 km
Elevation gain / loss: +201m / -47m


- follow the trail along the Parang Chu river, pass through the rolling hills to reach Tharang Yokma



Getpa Buzak - Tharang Yokma



Day 5: Tharang Yokma - Parang La Base


Time: 4-5 hrs
Distance: 12.5 km
Elevation gain / loss: +307m / -10m


- it is a pleasant walk along the Parang Chu river leading to the Parang La base camp



Tharang Yokma - Parang La Base



Day 6: Parang La Base - Parang La - Thaltak


Time: 5-6 hrs
Distance: 9.8 km
Elevation gain / loss: +495m / -1166m


- walk slowly up towards the Parang La, the pass offers excellent panoramas of Ladakh and the Lahaul-Spiti district
- walk down through a gorge to Thaltak



Parang La Base - Parang La - Thaltak



Day 7: Thaltak - Kibber


Time: 5-6 hrs
Distance: 12.3 km
Elevation gain / loss: +535m / -842m


- go through a small pass and then walk down to Kibber



Thaltak - Kibber



Getting to / from the trek


- it takes 7 hrs to drive from Leh to Korzok (215 km)
- Kibber is 215 km from Manali and 550 km from Leh


It is worth taking some extra time to stop and visit the highlights in the area, check the Tso Moriri lake and Indus valley tour for more details.



All the itineraries can be customized to suit your own special interests, preferences and abilities. Please contact us for more information.

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