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Wildlife in Ladakh, fox in snow
Wildlife in Ladakh, snow leopard

Wildlife of Ladakh

The cold desert of Ladakh is home to many mammals and birds that have adapted to the extreme cold in different ways. Many of Ladakh's animals are endangered such as the snow leopard, the Tibetan wolf, the Tibetan argali and the black-necked crane. [photo credit: wikimedia.org]

Asiatic ibex (skin)
Asiatic ibex
black-necked crane (cha thung-thung)
black-necked crane
(cha thung-thung)
blue sheep (napo)
blue sheep
chukar partridge (srakpa)
chukar partridge
Eurasian lynx (eeh)
Eurasian lynx
golden eagle (laknak)
golden eagle
Himalayan marmot (phiya)
Himalayan marmot
Himalayan vulture (thang-kar)
Himalayan vulture
Ladakh pika (zabra)
Ladakh pika
Ladakh urial (shapo)
Ladakh urial
lammergeier (skiaklag)
mountain weasel (lakimo)
mountain weasel
red fox (watse)
red fox
snow leopard (schan)
snow leopard
Tibetan antelope (tsos)
Tibetan antelope
Tibetan argali (nyan)
Tibetan argali
Tibetan gazelle (gowa)
Tibetan gazelle
Tibetan wild ass (kiang)
Tibetan wild ass
Tibetan wolf (shanku)
Tibetan wolf
woolly hare (ribong)
woolly hare