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Mentok Kangri range, near Yalung Nong, in Ladakh
Mountains and Tso Moriri lake near Yalung Nong (6080m)

Yalung Nong is an easy 6,000+ meter peak in Ladakh, Indian Himalayas. Yalung Nong peak is located near Tso Moriri lake and very few people have climbed this mountain. Classified as a "trekking peak", the ascent involves no technical difficulties and requires no specialized climbing equipment. The main challenge is the very high altitude; however, for those already well-acclimatized, there is no issue.

The climb to the summit of Yalung Nong starts from Gyamar, serving as the base camp, and unfolds along the South-West side of the peak. The ascent spans approximately 5 kilometers from Gyamar, with a total elevation gain of 900 meters. At the dome-shaped summit of Yalung Nong, breathtaking views of Tso Moriri lake and the Changthang region await, offering glimpses of the Mentok Kangri range, as well as Chamser and Lungser Kangri.

The climb of Yalung Nong can be included as an extra day during the beautiful Rumtse to Tso Moriri trek. It is an excellent opportunity to cross the 6000-metre barrier. The Rumtse to Tso Moriri trek is usually done in 7 days. By allocating an extra day and spending two nights in Gyamar, the ascent of Yalung Nong can be added to the itinerary, enriching the overall trekking experience.


Day 1: Rumtse - Kyamar
Day 2: Kyamar - Kyamar La - Mandalchan La - Tisaling
Day 3: Tisaling - Shibuk La - Ponganagu
Day 4: Ponganagu - Nuruchan
Day 5: Nuruchan - Kyamayuri La - Gyamar Barma
Day 6: Gyamar Barma - Kartse La - Gyamar
Day 7: Gyamar - Yalung Nong (6080m) - Gyamar
Day 8: Gyamar - Yalung Nyau La - Korzok

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