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Trekking in Ladakh, trekker at Stok La pass
Trekking in Ladakh, trekker climbing above Tso Moriri lake

Trekking in Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the best places for trekking and there are so many wonderful options available. We have listed treks suitable for all levels. We can also help you to create your own personalised itinerary.

Ladakh trekking map
Hemis to Tso Moriri13 dayslevel 5198 km+5998m / -5124m
Jhunglam, Hemis to Padum10 dayslevel 4141 km+4782m / -4895m
Lamayuru to Alchi via Stakspi La5 dayslevel 471 km+3962m / -4149m
Lamayuru to Alchi via Tar La5 dayslevel 456 km+4243m / -4430m
Lamayuru to Chilling5 dayslevel 463 km+3131m / -3305m
Lamayuru to Hemis11 dayslevel 4145 km+5632m / -5324m
Markha valley from Chilling6 dayslevel 378 km+2502m / -2019m
Markha valley from Spituk8 dayslevel 3113 km+4264m / -3774m
Markha valley & Stok Kangri12 dayslevel 5117 km+5753m / -5343m
Nubra, Phyang to Hunder5 dayslevel 359 km+2037m / -2431m
Nubra, Saboo to Khalsar5 dayslevel 359 km+2066m / -2434m
Rangdum to Lamayuru via Kanji La7 dayslevel 394 km+3724m / -4385m
Rumtse to Kibber via Tso Moriri14 dayslevel 5197 km+4764m / -4899m
Rumtse to Tso Moriri7 dayslevel 498 km+3002m / -2690m
Sham valley3 dayslevel 132 km+981m / -1271m
Spituk to Matho5 dayslevel 252 km+2501m / -2162m
Spituk to Stok3 dayslevel 239 km+1925m / -1509m
Stok Kangri (6153m)4 dayslevel 534 km+2551m / -2551m
Stok Kangri from Spituk6 dayslevel 558 km+3810m / -3393m
Tso Moriri to Kibber7 dayslevel 399 km+1762m / -2209m
Zanskar, Lamayuru to Darcha19 dayslevel 5291 km+8535m / -8555m
Zanskar, Padum to Lamayuru10 dayslevel 4149 km+5463m / -5658m
Zanskar, Rangdum to Padum9 dayslevel 4128 km+4163m / -4628m
Zanskar, Stongde to Phuktal5 dayslevel 387 km+2534m / -2327m
Zanskar to Tso Moriri15 dayslevel 5234 km+6315m / -5553m
Chadar trek (winter trek)9 dayslevel 354 km
Snow leopard trek (winter trek)8 dayslevel 220 km+931m / -716m

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