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Mountains of Ladakh

Lamayuru to Hemis trek

Duration: 11 days
Difficulty: level 4
Distance: 145 km
Max elevation: 5260m
Elevation gain / loss: +5632m / -5324m

This trek links Lamayuru to Hemis, two of the largest monasteries of Ladakh. It passes through remote villages tucked in deep valleys and the Hemis National Park where snow leopards and other wild animals can be found. This trek is the combination of the Lamayuru to Chilling trek and the Markha valley trek from Chilling.

Lamayuru to Hemis trek map Lamayuru to Hemis trek elevation profile, altitude gain loss
Lamayuru to Hemis trek in Ladakh


Day 1: Lamayuru - Prinkti La - Wanla

Time: 3-4 hrs
Distance: 9.1 km
Elevation gain / loss: +369m / -592m

- visit the famous Lamayuru gompa, one of the oldest in Ladakh
- follow the stream and climb up the Prinkti La
- homestay is available in Wanla
Lamayuru - Prinkti La - Wanla

Day 2: Wanla - Hinju

Time: 6 hrs
Distance: 16.5 km
Elevation gain / loss: +639m / -0m

- walk along the river bank, pass through villages amidst lush green barley fields
- homestay can be arranged in Hinju
Wanla - Hinju

Day 3: Hinju - Kongskil La - Sumda Doksa

Time: 6-7 hrs
Distance: 11.4 km
Elevation gain / loss: +1163m / -526m

- follow the trail leading to the Kongskil La which offers superb views of the Karakoram and Stok ranges
- walk down to Sumda Doksa
Hinju - Kongskil La - Sumda Doksa

Day 4: Sumda Doksa - Base of Dung Dung Chan La

Time: 6-7 hrs
Distance: 15.8 km
Elevation gain / loss: +785m / -779m

- there are a few river crossings before reaching Sumda Chenmo village
- walk up to the Dung Dung Chan La base camp
Sumda Doksa - Base of Dung Dung Chan La

Day 5: Base of Dung Dung Chan La - Dung Dung Chan La - Chilling

Time: 3-4 hrs
Distance: 10.3 km
Elevation gain / loss: +175m / -1413m

- climb to the Dung Dung Chan La and enjoy the beautiful view from the top
- go all the way down to Chilling village, well-known for its skilled silversmiths
Base of Dung Dung Chan La - Dung Dung Chan La - Chilling

Day 6: Chilling - Skiu

Time: 3-4 hrs
Distance: 10.7 km
Elevation gain / loss: +189m / -18m

- after crossing the Zanskar river, the trail leads to Markha valley
- homestay possibility in Skiu
Chilling - Skiu

Day 7: Skiu - Markha

Time: 6-7 hrs
Distance: 21.2 km
Elevation gain / loss: +451m / -57m

- the trail to Markha village follows the river, passing through small villages on the way
- around 20 families live in the village of Markha which is the largest in the valley
- visit the old monastery and the ruined fort
- homestay possibility in Markha
Skiu - Markha

Day 8: Markha - Hankar

Time: 4-5 hrs
Distance: 11.2 km
Elevation gain / loss: +305m / -35m

- continue walking along the river
- near Umlung village, visit the cliff-side monastery of Techa
- homestay possibility in Hankar
Markha - Hankar

Day 9: Hankar - Nimaling

Time: 5-6 hrs
Distance: 10.7 km
Elevation gain / loss: +836m / -25m

- the trail leads to the plateau of Nimaling, where the people of Markha valley bring their herds to graze during summer
- possibility to hike to the base of the Kang Yatse glacier in a few hours from Nimaling
Hankar - Nimaling

Day 10: Nimaling - Kongmaru La - Shang Sumdo

Time: 6-8 hrs
Distance: 17.0 km
Elevation gain / loss: +439m / -1601m

- cross the Kongmaru La which offers excellent views of Kang Yatze and the Karakoram peaks
- steep and long descent towards the Shang gorge where you will need to cross the river several times
- homestay possibility in Shang Sumdo
Nimaling - Kongmaru La - Shang Sumdo

Day 11: Shang Sumdo - Hemis

Time: 3-4 hrs
Distance: 10.7 km
Elevation gain / loss: +281m / -283m

- easy trail leading to Hemis monastery, one of the largest gompas in Ladakh
- jeep can be arranged from Shang Sumdo
Shang Sumdo - Hemis

Getting to / from the trek

- it takes 3 hours to drive from Leh to Lamayuru (115 km)
- it takes one hour to drive from Hemis to Leh (40 km)

It is worth taking some extra time to stop and visit the highlights in the area, check the Indus valley tour to Lamayuru and the Indus valley tour to Hemis for more details.

All the itineraries can be customized to suit your own special interests, preferences and abilities. Please contact us for more information.